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“The implementation of the learning process fits with the materials in that it includes Power Point, handouts, group activities, hands-on activities, opportunities for self-reflection, preparing for the future, and accessing resources.”

 "Very thorough and well planned curriculum.”  “The preciseness of the table set-up and preparation instructions for the course are very helpful.”  

"This course is the difference between a group participant coming in and saying "I think I can get a job" verses completing the course and saying:  "I can get a job"

"The CIE T-the-T program provides a well thought out and detailed curriculum that teaches practical employment skills to youth. After attending, participants will be able to confidently seek and hold gainful employment. It is a win- win set up for instructors and participants. Nice job!"

 "Cultural Competence was a very neat way to teach and assess cultural competence”

​​CIE Values: Teamwork

Encouraging participants in knowing what is expected of them during the training with a focus on learning to work as a member of a team. Below is an example of how facilitators establish this understanding of participating as a member of a team:

As a team member, you:

  • Have a schedule guide to follow for managing time and to be well informed

  • Are invited to describe what you think of the problem: ask questions, insights and solutions

  • Work to respond, others’ questions, insights and solutions

Shared responsibilities include your agreement:

  • Commitment to attend, prepare and be on time for meetings Certificate of Attendance earned after completing full 20 hrs.

  • Discussions focus on problems with 1 requirement: attack the problem not the person

  • Being open and honest about how things are going, ask if you need extra time or other.

  • Collaborate in a balanced manner, how?

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               Sample Below

Meet or Exceed Employer Expectations – “Think like an Employer” PADMAN poster Phrase Developed by WorkNet Model copyrighted by WorkNet Publications:

* Transportation Training Goal Setting w/ SMART Goal

* Social Competence, Self-Concept

* Communication Time & Money Management

* Appearance Work Traits & Ethics

  Teamwork & Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution

* Awareness of Barriers & Rights

Other Program Features:



CIE Values Accountability:

Yvonne Raffini, Ed.D, NCC, LPC-S, Certified Employment Specialist.  Questions or concerns related to Licensure, Contact:  Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors – P.O. Box 149347 Austin, Texas 78714 | (512)  Certificates, Evaluation, Name Tags, Attendance and includes an Interagency Data Sharing Agreement to maintain compliance:

Source:  (Haring, Lovitt, Eaton & Hansen, 1978)

       ​ Stages of Learning


To empower every young adult with barriers to employment to have an equal chance of embracing a quality of life they desire and deserve to have.

CIE Values Integrity: 

Providing quality instructional training for vocational trainers who participate in learning the CIE curriculum. Support and guidance by observational and hands on learning is offered. Qualifications for vocational trainers are listed in State and other agency policy manuals.


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Trainer's Assignment #4: Assess Knowledge, Preference and Instruction
•    Understanding theories on learning and motivation                    
•    Evaluating participant skill preferences to enhance
    Individualization of curriculum materials
•    Practicing CIE skill definitions for effectively adapting prevocational skills to new situations
•    Organizing first things first with required  forms for record keeping