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  • 6-Power Points ready for use to present to a group.

  • Slides include brief reminders for trainers

  • Assessments, media and activities 20-25 authors provided with permissions to CIE 

Verification of Experience:                                                                              If you selected the radio button below:
  o   You have a 4-year degree with 2500 hours of post-degree coaching experience over a period of five years and One professional endorsement then you will receive a copy of this form to complete and return with the signature of a person you select to verify the 2500 hours.

Credentials: A copy of your Bachelor's degree or higher in any field or National Certified Counselor (NCC) or full professional counselor license (e.g., LPC, LPCC, LMHC

"The implementation of the learning process fits with the materials in that it includes PowerPoint, handouts, group activities, hands-on activities, opportunities for self-reflection, preparing for the future, and accessing resources.”

    -Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

How Is The Course Organized???

The following map of activities is to be completed in 30-days. We offer a results driven process to help prepare you to be the best trainer you can be. 

* Job Fairs Be Prepared                                     Job  
* Job Search Development
* Texas Work Prep                                              
* Application for Employment
* Interview Prep                                    
* Interview Skills Checklist
* Work Experience Projects                                        
* Skill Building Tips
* Job Data Form                                        
With The T-the-T Course
* Job Interview Record
* Volunteer Work Experience Log Verification of Hours 
* Beyond High School What is Next     

     Community Integrated EMPLOYMENT: Train-The-Trainer course is a Center for Credentialing &                       Education (CCE) Approved Board Certified Coach (BCC)™ training provider. This course is                a   approved as a 30-hour BCC training course.                 W/DUAL CERTIFICATION: National Certified                           Counselor (NCC)   Board Certified Coach (BCC):  Chart (​http://cce-global.org/Assets//BCC/BCC_Dual_Certification.pdf)




Meet the Authors: 

Meet the founders of the CIE, Nonprofit, lead author and co-author of this curriculum:

Is This Course For Me? 

Offers a video demonstration on selecting assessments, ethics, interpreting results, and how to transfer results: Employment Portfolio

  • Many service professionals are not experienced or lack skills to manage small task groups (not therapy).

  • Work Ethics & Team-Worker Skills are in the “10 Top Skills” employers look for in a hire (CareerBuilder, 2014). CIE’s interactive strategies have been  proven to engage participants.

  • Additional resources include: Career Planning Map;  Job Search Tools; Self monitoring (listening/negotiation & social competence)

Joseph D’Costa:  Vocational Rehabilitation Service and State Administrator/Management  (35 yrs). Joseph is proficient in sign language and served as senior manage for Statewide VR services for the blind from 2003 -2008.  Contributions included success  in: “Social Security Work Incentive" for programs support and leadership in the Business Enterprise Program. d: National Recognition: “Information Week” for ADA accessible video conferencing. Established the first mentor program in Milwaukee. Joseph earned the Governor’s WIN Award 2001: AbilITy Connection {Nat’l Rehab: Nominated Best Practices Award 2001}


of ExperienceForm:Directions for use of this form are at the bottom of this page


You qualify for a 30-hour CCE-approved Certification program if you meet one of the following criterion:

  • You are a National Board Certified Counselor (NCC)

  • You have a full professional counselor license, e.g., LPC, LPCC, LMHC

  • You have a Master's or Ph.D. in Counseling,

  • You have a Doctorate in a social or behavioral science,

  • You have a 4-year degree with 2500 hours of post-degree coaching experience over a period of five years and One professional endorsement.

Course Objectives

  • Maximizing capacity to successfully implement the CIE services with positive outcomes.

  • Performing instructional strategies that demonstrate cultural-competence, knowledge of supports and resources beneficial for young adults to learn and adapt prevocational skills for job search activities.

  • Leading groups mindful of ethics, self-determined skills and an ability to build trust and respect in developing rapport in an inclusive work environment.

Course Topics

Assignments to complete in preparation for the final exam:

  • TOPIC #1: Effectiveness in Cultural Competence

  • TOPIC #2: Knowledge of Youth in Transition (Pre-Employment Services)

  • TOPIC #3: Strategies for Assisting Transition Youth w/ Learning Disabilities

  • TOPIC #4: Knowledge of Instructional factors related to prevocational Skills

  • TOPIC #5: Performance Requirements in Task Type Group Work

  • TOPIC #6: Understanding Inclusive Service Descriptions and Disclosure Guidelines

Course Pre-Approval Application: Select The Options That Best Fit For Your Scenario!

Yvonne Raffini:  Work experience included:  State of New Jersey (Voc. Rehab. & Dept. of Health) role:  social studies teacher and vocational coordinator in a residential HS for court ordered students (2 yrs.).

State of Wisconsin: Guidance Counselor K-12 schools, services for group and classroom activities in personal/social and career (14 yrs.).  

Earned exemplary ratings for meeting state/ national competencies by increasing community involvement & partnerships in developing transition services.   WI & TX Transition Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (12 yrs.).    Consultant/Trainer & Transition co-ord. for UNTWISE, Univ. of North TX(2 yrs.)