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​​​​​​2012:  Collaboration  with 20-Authors  

2015: Earns 1st Certification & completes:

CIE: 2-Year Pilot Study: Positive Outcomes                                                        

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September, 2016: Online Course:  Success w/pilot studies

led to the: Train-the-Trainer [T-the-T] Online Course.  This

training provides background skills for leading task

groups.  November: CIE Awarded Grant by FireSpring                                             


                                    CIE Collaboration with
                                                            O  Flexible Menu Options
                                                           O  Accessible and Affordable
                                                           O  Manual vs Electronic
                                                           O  Proximity, Time Saving
January, 2017​:  Expanded agency collaborations with 2-Universities, 3-Agencies and expands list of speakers & contacts for informational interviews & business tours. Earns Bronze level with GuideStar.  Texas Women's University Approves CIE for recruiting interns.​  


March, 2017:  Invited to present the CIE program.  Preparing CIE Guide Books  for Summer groups for mentoring trainers to observe and practice use of the CIE curriculum in small groups at no cost for selected groups & trainers.

 To empower every young adult with barriers to employment to have an equal chance of embracing a quality of life they desire and deserve to have.

RECENT:   Efforts to bring CIE to more schools has led to the development of two demonstration projects  and extra efforts to support them in building and strengthening our schools to engage, prepare and empower young adults with barriers to employment.



This curriculum was developed to provide quality prevocational skills in a small group setting to address skill topics listed in the CIE Group brochure. To date there is no evidenced based curriculum for training young adults with barriers to gain experience in learning core skills needed for employability.  Through participant evaluations this project continues to reveal successful outcomes.